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3/10/2018 2018 Design In Tech Report Team Founding Team Jackie Xu Aviv Gilboa Fatimah Kabba Justin Sayarath John Maeda Report Contributors Bon Ku Ling Fan Sunil Malhotra Luis Arnal Medicine China India Latin America 2018 Design In Tech Report | Welcome 2 / 90 http://jmmbp001.local:5757/?ckcachecontrol=1520689902#16 2/90

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3/10/2018 2018 Design In Tech Report Welcome Welcome to a new format for the Design in Tech Report. For this year's report, I took a stab at learning all the CSS/JS that I've always wanted to know, and then went after the task of making a fully responsive report. I've succeeded in doing so, and so this PDF version isn't as good as the real thing. Sorry! In the next few days I will be sharing a link to the real digital experience. But for now -- enjoy this static version of the report which has a few parts that couldn't render to static form. Because ... this year's report is truly computationally designed and therefore needs to be expressed appropriately (smile). Expect a video version on my new YouTube channel "John Maeda is Learning." —@johnmaeda 2018 Design In Tech Report | Welcome 3 / 90 http://jmmbp001.local:5757/?ckcachecontrol=1520689902#16 3/90

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3/10/2018 2018 Design In Tech Report Sections 1) TBD = Tech × Business × Design 2) Scaling Design How do technology, business, and design interrelate How do you scale the design function in a company Overview in the startup and corporate ecosystems? to impact business at the speed of Moore's Law? 3) Computational Design: 1st Steps 4) Computational Design × A.I. What is "computational design" and why does it How does artificial intelligence change the future of matter to business + tech? design and what do designers need to know? 5) Inequality 6) Why Inclusive Design What does technology have to do with rising Do I need to care about inclusive design more when inequalities and should I care as a designer? considering TBD? What can I do about it? 2018 Design In Tech Report | Welcome 4 / 90 http://jmmbp001.local:5757/?ckcachecontrol=1520689902#16 4/90

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3/10/2018 2018 Design In Tech Report Key takeaways from the Design In Tech Reports 2015 2016 2017 14 creative firms were atypically acquired between Design firm acquisitions continue: 42 design firms Demand for designers is up with Facebook, Google, 2004 and 2015 by tech companies like Facebook, since 2004, and ~50% of them in the last year and Amazon collectively growing designer Flextronics, Google; also Accenture, Capital One, alone. Accenture, Deloitte, IBM take the lead. headcount by 65% in a year according to LinkedIn. BBVA, McKinsey & Co. Designers in venture capital have increased: More McKinsey & Co and Salesforce make significant As the marginal return on computing power (a la designers entered VC in the last two years than the bets on design with more acquisitions. Design tool Moore’s law) diminishes and technology is less of a previous 4 years combined. Its history is revealed. startup InVision acquires 5 smaller startups. differentiating factor, the value of design has 93.5% of 370 designers surveyed believe that Design tools begin to evolve out of print and early entered the foreground. coding and data-oriented skills are table stakes web design paradigms from the Photoshop era to 27 startups that were co-founded by designers were knowledge for designers in tech. encompass prototyping, project management, acquired since 2010 by companies like Intuit, 100% of the top 10 business schools have student- version control, inline coding, and automation. Google, Facebook, Adobe, LinkedIn, and Yahoo. led design/innovation clubs. 6-7% of the 2015 class Voice- and chat-based interfaces are grounded in Five (20%) of the top cumulative-funded VC- of HBS take product management jobs. mental models that don't require a visual backed ventures that have raised additional capital Designing Systems and Designer Culture emerge as representation. Related and unrelated artificial since 2013 are noted to have designer co-founders. key methods for design to achieve scale — building intelligence advancements are accelerating. There were no designers on Silicon Valley's fabled on agency practices and Karl Gerstner's pioneering Coverage of tech design trends in China begins. “Sand Hill Road” until January of 2014 when work on Designing Programmes. Chinese design in tech principles and practices are Kleiner Perkins appointed their first Design Instead of seeing diversity as a problem that needs leading the world, and are often overlooked. Partner John Maeda. Shortly afterwards six more solving, designing for inclusion becomes an 90% of designers surveyed say that having a more VC firms acquired new Design Partners. economic opportunity and cultural responsibility. diverse design team is personally important to DESIGN DE$IGN Designing for mobile brought The 3 Kinds of Design There are 3 kinds of them. The number one request inside their new experience constraints compared with the design: Classical Design, Design Thinking, and companies is to: "Talk about it more internally." desktop, and made designers' skills invaluable as Computational Design. The most business value is Inclusive Design Takes Off Adopting an the pathway to non-techy consumers. being driven by the latter two kinds of design. inclusive design approach expands a tech product’s total addressable market. The tipping point for inclusive design begins to tip. Source: Design in Tech Reports 2018 Design In Tech Report | Welcome 5 / 90 http://jmmbp001.local:5757/?ckcachecontrol=1520689902#16 5/90

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3/10/2018 2018 Design In Tech Report Design in Tech Reports simplified 2015 2016 2017 Design isn't just about beauty; it’s There are 3 kinds of design: Classical Adopting an inclusive design about market relevance and Design, Design Thinking, and approach expands a tech product’s meaningful results. Computational Design. total addressable market. DESIGN is about DE$IGN — and The most business value is being Inclusion is good business. And new it's traditionally been that case since driven by the latter two kinds of proof points are emerging. More the era of the Bauhaus, and even design, but Classical Design is will start to emerge as inclusive way before. slowly evolving. design takes hold. Source: 2018 Design In Tech Report | Welcome 6 / 90 http://jmmbp001.local:5757/?ckcachecontrol=1520689902#16 6/90

3/10/2018 2018 Design In Tech Report About the 2017 #DesignInTech Report Quick info about the 2017 Report On Slideshare there were 800K+ views. With new video and audio versions there were 30K+ accesses. Writing and its critical importance to design — an insight by Fatimah Kabba — was by far the most popular perspective in last year's report. SEO for the new home has stuck solidly. Thanks for your help and for your encouragement to continue! Source: Twitter and Giphy 2018 Design In Tech Report | Welcome 7 / 90 http://jmmbp001.local:5757/?ckcachecontrol=1520689902#16 7/90

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3/10/2018 2018 Design In Tech Report Useful feedback on the 2017 #DesignInTech Report Positive Sentiments Shared "I've been calling myself a designer-developer—now changed, thanks 2017 #DesignInTech report." "I'm putting your oral #designintech preso on @SoundCloud on repeat." "Congrats @simplysecureorg for the #designintech shoutout. Great work in privacy & security." "Designers Who Code & Write: opportune time to digest the #DesignInTech report." "#DesignInTech 'reframes computational design as driver of accelerated growth.'" "'Design isn't just about beauty; it's about relevance and meaningful results.'" Constructive Criticism Shared "Adding useless adjectives in front of the word 'designer' isn't doing anything positive for the industry." "Using small gray text in the DesignInTech Report excludes anyone with visual difficulties." "Appalled in 2017 to see platitude of 'Design is not about beauty.'" "When computational design dominates, will we have a Universal Design Income?" Source: via Twitter 2018 Design In Tech Report | Welcome 8 / 90 http://jmmbp001.local:5757/?ckcachecontrol=1520689902#16 8/90

3/10/2018 2018 Design In Tech Report TBD Design in tech is evolving rapidly and globally Design isn't just about beauty; it’s about market = relevance and meaningful results. There are three kinds of design. Classical Design, Tech × Design Thinking, and Computational Design. In 2017 there were 21 acquisitions of creative agencies or designer-founded startups. Business × Medical schools in the US are using design thinking in their curricula. Design Consulting companies are going beyond just design thinking — they're changing how business is done. China continues to lead in designing experiences at a scale and level of sophistication that astounds. Indian and Latin American markets are adopting design. And we have a lot to learn from them. Gen B(older) is becoming a market opportunity for new products and services that can't be ignored. 2018 Design In Tech Report | Technology × Business × Design 9 / 90 http://jmmbp001.local:5757/?ckcachecontrol=1520689902#16 9/90

3/10/2018 2018 Design In Tech Report There Are Three Kinds of Design 01 There’s a right way to make what is perfect, 02 Because execution has outpaced 03 Design for billions of individual people and crafted, and complete. innovation, and experience matters. in real time, is at scale and TBD. Classical Design Design Thinking Computational Design Driver/ the Industrial Revolution, and prior Driver/ the need to innovate in relation to Driver/ the impact of Moore’s Law, mobile to that at least a few millennia of ferment. individual customer needs requires empathy. computing, and the latest tech paradigms. Source: 2017 Design In Tech Report 2018 Design In Tech Report | Technology × Business × Design 10 / 90 http://jmmbp001.local:5757/?ckcachecontrol=1520689902#16 10/90

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3/10/2018 2018 Design In Tech Report What's a Computational Designer? Understands Thinks Critically About Computation Technology Has facility with representational Practices being a humanist codes and maybe programming codes. technologist who asks questions about Knows what is easy and possible, hard what's being made, who's making it, At NIKE Digital, we embrace open source, and possible, difficult and impossible and why. contributing to the community by for now. building – and sharing – digital solutions that work on a global scale. We invest in cutting-edge technologies and work with a network of open source libraries and tools, like React.js, Node.js and GraphQL. Uses All Three Kinds of Actively Learning AI And These investments and tools help us advance web and native UI development, Designs The New evolve our data science and eCommerce capabilities, refine our DevOps and retool our services infrastructure. Taps into the rich history of classical Considers intersectionality as a source —2017 Nike job board archived listing design (form and content) while of creativity and a primary driver of leading and teaming inclusively via change. Embraces new paradigms and design thinking within their org, or learns them deeply. Embraces what as across orgs, for profit or not-for-profit. French poet Guillaume Apollinaire in the Bauhaus era wrote, "New (hu)man must have the courage to be new." Source: Nike via Wayback Machine 2018 Design In Tech Report | Technology × Business × Design 11 / 90 http://jmmbp001.local:5757/?ckcachecontrol=1520689902#16 11/90

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3/10/2018 2018 Design In Tech Report Does computational design play a material role in a company? As reported in Leah Buley's widely reviewed 2016 State of UX essay: When asked, "What measurable outcomes resulting from By contrast, one low-impact respondent answered, "We user experience are you most proud of?" high-impact are moving so fast there has been no time or resources respondents gave responses like: "Multimillion dollar for testing/outcomes – even for small usability increases in conversion and customer lifetime value." improvements." Leah Buley Co. State of UX 2016 Survey Ttho ewh folatlo wexinteg nmt heasas uyrour es?organization found UX to be a driver of Low impact Source: @leahbuley / Leah Buley Co. The State of UX in 2016 2018 Design In Tech Report | Technology × Business × Design 12 / 90 http://jmmbp001.local:5757/?ckcachecontrol=1520689902#16 12/90

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3/10/2018 2018 Design In Tech Report Computational Designer vs Classical Designer When people in the tech industry talk about “design,” they often make the mistake of not differentiating between classical designers and computational designers. The former kind of designer might craft a wooden chair for a home which is used by a few people; the latter kind of designer might craft an app for a smartphone which is used by hundreds of millions of people. Classical Design Computational Design Number of Active Users Few to Millions Few to Billions Time Needed to Deploy Completed Product Weeks to Months through Distribution Instantaneously Delivered Over the Net Channels “Perfection” is Achievable Yes There’s a final state. No It’s always evolving. Designer’s Level of Confidence Absolute, and Self-Validating Generally High, but Open to Analyzing Testing/Research Production Materials Paper, Wood, Metal, and Anything Physical Data, Models, Algorithms, and Anything Virtual Skills With Tools Are Generally Grounded In Hands and Laws of Physics Mind and Computer + Social Sciences Source: 2018 Design In Tech Report | Technology × Business × Design 13 / 90 http://jmmbp001.local:5757/?ckcachecontrol=1520689902#16 13/90

3/10/2018 2018 Design In Tech Report What's a Design Thinker? The Evolution of Design in the Enterprise BIRTH OF TRADITIONAL DESIGN FOR LARGE BIRTH OF MODERN PRODUCT DESIGN FIRMS / BIRTH OF "DESIGN THINKING" AND DESIGN "DESIGN THINKING" MAINSTREAMS AS CORPORATIONS / CORPORATE FROM TRADITIONAL DESIGN, TO DESIGN OF STRATEGY / HARNESSING THE CREATIVE WHOLE BUSINESS STRATEGY / RE- IDENTITY+IMAGE AND PRODUCT STYLING SYSTEMS+SERVICES PROBLEM SOLVING SKILLS OF DESIGNERS CONTEXTUALIZING DESIGN, MAKING B- SCHOOLS INTO D-SCHOOLS 1950s GM’s CEO makes 1982 From 1982 Apple’s 2005 Hasso Plattner 2015-16 Phil Gilbert leads the first executive position design language begins to Institute of Design at IBM’s $100M bet to bring in design with Harley Earl form with frog and Stanford starts. design back to IBM. elevated to VP. Hartmut Esslinger’s direction. IDEO's Jane Fulton Suri Tim Brown and Roger L. 1966 IBM Memo to IBM publishes Thoughtless Martin open the employees by CEO TJ 1991 David Kelley, Bill Acts? and brings design introductory issue for HBR Watson Jr. about the Moggridge, Mike Nutall research to the foreground. on “The Evolution of emerging importance of join forces and change the Design Thinking.” design to the company. course of design by co- 2008-09 Roger L. Martin founding IDEO. describes design thinking Top 10 B-schools all have at the CEO level with student-led design clubs. P&G’s AG Laffley and his 2018 IBM Design open book on The Design of sources their Enterprise Business. (SAP and P&G Design Thinking were a few of the early framework for all. executive adopters of Design Thinking.) Source: @librariobabel Good definition of design thinking 2018 Design In Tech Report | Technology × Business × Design 14 / 90 http://jmmbp001.local:5757/?ckcachecontrol=1520689902#16 14/90

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3/10/2018 2018 Design In Tech Report The large consulting firms are the major M&A driver 21 new acquisitions of creative agencies or designer-founded startups noted in 2017. 2017 JAN - FEB MARCH MAY JUNE JULY AUGUST OCTOBER SEPTEMBER DECEMBER Idean acquired by JWalk acquired by The Monkeys and Market Gravity Maya acquired by Wire Stone Cooper acquired Matter acquired by Rothco acquired by Capgemini Shiseido Maud acquired by acquired by Deloitte BCG acquired by by Designit/Wipro Accenture Accenture Accenture Accenture Unity&Variety Intrepid acquired Clearhead Telepathy VLT Labs acquired acquired by by Accenture acquired by Acne acquired by acquired by by McKinsey & Co Salesforce Accenture Deloitte ServiceNow (CEO: John Donahoe) TandemSeven Sequence acquired acquired by by Salesforce acquired Genpact. by InVision Dribbble acquired by Tiny YARD acquired by Kyu Collective. DeviantArt acquired by Wix 2018 We’re excited to join Verizon in their quest to put customers in control of their connectivity and create breakthrough live and digital experiences. —Moment acquired by Verizon March 2018 Source: @tberno @jcoronado1 @leahbuley @hugosarrazin @randyjhunt @scootermcdoog @ezyjules @shatzygoespro 2018 Design In Tech Report | Technology × Business × Design 15 / 90 http://jmmbp001.local:5757/?ckcachecontrol=1520689902#16 15/90

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3/10/2018 2018 Design In Tech Report Classical Designers Tend to Look Down on Design Thinking The reduction of a complex creative problem-solving mindset into five steps makes design seem easy when it’s not. A certificate for the completion of a design thinking course is not enough to transform a business into the next Apple. So don’t be deceived by the demystification of the design process or the chance to workshop out million-dollar ideas over post-its. There’s more to design than what design thinking dealers are preaching. —Natasha Jen on "Why Design Thinking is bullshit" Source: It's Nice That Fortune 2018 Design In Tech Report | Technology × Business × Design 16 / 90 http://jmmbp001.local:5757/?ckcachecontrol=1520689902#16 16/90

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3/10/2018 2018 Design In Tech Report Medical schools are using design thinking Medical schools in the US that offer a formal program or classes that teach design thinking to medical students This list does not include universities 1. Dell Medical School at The University of Texas at Austin where medical students took design thinking classes in schools outside of the 2. Kaiser Permanente School of Medicine (not yet opened) medical school. It also does not include health care professional schools. Example: 3. Mayo Clinic School of Medicine Stanford medical students who might take 4. The College of Osteopathic Medicine at Oklahoma State University design thinking classes at the or Penn medical students taking design 5. The Sidney Kimmel Medical College at Thomas Jefferson University classes in the architecture school. Also, this is not an inventory of academic 6. The Warren Alpert Medical School of Brown University medical centers or hospitals that have a 7. University of Michigan Medical School design group or team. Many of these 8. University of Virginia School of Medicine teams employ human centered design but do not necessarily teach medical students. 9. Zucker School of Medicine at Hofstra/Northwell In my experience, Design Thinking provides a platform for non-designers (myself included) - doctors, nurses and medical students - to work with designers. DT is a primer that provides us a shared language. Many of us who are in health care have already been practicing elements of DT (empathizing, prototyping, testing, etc.) but we just didn't know what to call it. I do not believe that DT is a step by step recipe. We teach our medical students to develop a design mindset and build their creative muscles. Design thinking helps us to reimagine a better future state of health care and give us some more tools in how to get there. —Bon Ku, MD, MPP Source: @bonku 2018 Design In Tech Report | Technology × Business × Design 17 / 90 http://jmmbp001.local:5757/?ckcachecontrol=1520689902#16 17/90

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3/10/2018 2018 Design In Tech Report Consulting companies are going beyond just design thinking This complex discipline does itself a disservice to just call itself "design," which signals only surface-level solutions. Perhaps we’ll start to see new ways of describing these multifaceted and interconnected capabilities. —Hugo Sarrazin 01 02 03 04 Journey Advanced New Design Designer Design Analytics Paradigm Hybrids Infusing traditional The convergence of For design to inform new As designers are now customer (or employee) Advanced Analytics growth opportunities for working on problems experience work with (including AI) and Design clients, the need to relevant to the c-suite they design thinking to help is driving the confluence of quantify the value it can need to build core create spaces and insights (both quantitative achieve by having great analytical skills that allow experiences that drive and qualitative) informing DNA as a company them to equate their design consumer (or employee) the discovery and design of becomes critical. beliefs into quantifiable satisfaction, operational a solution – where data impact that can deliver efficiency, and revenue and creativity work business value have been growth. together, not against one- identified. another. Source: @hugosarrazin Good Design Is Good Business 2018 Design In Tech Report | Technology × Business × Design 18 / 90 http://jmmbp001.local:5757/?ckcachecontrol=1520689902#16 18/90

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3/10/2018 2018 Design In Tech Report Which companies are being perceived as improving in design? In the 1200+ survey responses, these companies appeared to be improving in design: Google, Microsoft, Atlassian, Airbnb, Dropbox, Amazon 5 dominant words to explain why a company is perceived to be improving in design Innovation Consistency Scale Simplicity Diversity Source: #DesignInTech 2018 Open Survey | 1219 samples 2018 Design In Tech Report | Technology × Business × Design 19 / 90 http://jmmbp001.local:5757/?ckcachecontrol=1520689902#16 19/90

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3/10/2018 2018 Design In Tech Report The perception of design and its impact to business is cyclic Design for Action John Maeda distinguishes between three categories: “classical” designers, who HBR, September create physical objects or products for a specific group of people (think architects 2015 Tim Brown and Roger L. as well as industrial, furniture and graphic designers); “commercial” designers who Martin innovate by seeking deep insights into how customers interact with products and services (think teams of researchers huddled around whiteboards and mosaics of brightly colored Post-it notes); and “computational” designers, who use programming skills and data to satisfy millions or even billions of users instantaneously (think tech firms like Amazon and Facebook). —Clay Chandler TIME The Empathy Economy BusinessWeek, March 2005 / Bruce Nussbaum some info The Beauty of Simplicity Fast Company The Meaning of Design Is up for Debate. And That’s a Good Thing 2005 / Linda Tischler some info TIME, March 12, 2018 / Clay Chandler Design Thinking Is A Failed Experiment. So What’s Next? BusinessWeek 2011 / Bruce Nussbaum Source: #DesignInTech Chronology 2018 Design In Tech Report | Technology × Business × Design 20 / 90 http://jmmbp001.local:5757/?ckcachecontrol=1520689902#16 20/90

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3/10/2018 2018 Design In Tech Report Classical Designers are slowly beginning to evolve The top 10 most critical issues The top 10 emerging trends to have and challenges currently facing design the biggest impact on design 1. (Classical) Design not having a "seat at the table" 1. AI and machine learning 2. Diversity in design and tech 2. Augmented Reality 3. Ethics in design 3. Virtual Reality 4. Education cost and equity of access 4. Behavior tracking and modeling 5. Consumer vs. social impact focus 5. 3D printing 6. Generational differences in the workforce 6. Distributed teams and virtual workplace 7. Environmental impacts of design 7. Democratization of design 8. Algorithm bias 8. Algorithmic design 9. Advertising supported content model 9. Crowdsourcing and open source 10. Dark UX patterns 10. Facial and voice recognition Highlight corresponds to computational design. Source: @aiga Design Census 2017 2018 Design In Tech Report | Technology × Business × Design 21 / 90 http://jmmbp001.local:5757/?ckcachecontrol=1520689902#16 21/90

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3/10/2018 2018 Design In Tech Report People Moves and Milestones Happenings in the #DesignInTech space to highlight. MARCH Andrew MAY Google Ventures JULY Khosla Design AUGUST Former SEPTEMBER Design OCTOBER Catherine 2016 Crow joins Strava as Design Partners Partner Irene Au Kleiner Perkins leader Kristy Courage joins Google 2017 VP of Design. publish NYT bestseller publishes "Design in Design Partner John Tillman goes West to as VP of Ads and book "SPRINT." Venture Capital." Maeda goes in-house join Slack. Commerce UX to become Head of August de los Design at Automattic. Design leader Leah Reyes joins Pinterest Buley publishes her as Head of Design. State of UX in 2016 Study. FEB Bobby Ghoshal APR Former GV JUN Combine VC JUL Former Accel JUL Initialized Capital AUG Kate SEP Randy Hunt OCT Katie Dill leaves and Jason Erondu Design Partner raises 1st fund of 12M Design partner Jason raises 3rd fund of Aronowitz joins joins Artsy as Head of Airbnb to join Lyft as launch High Braden Kowitz co- (Founders: Adam Mayden unveils $125M (MP: Garry Google Ventures (GV) Design. VP of Design. Resolution podcast for founds Range Labs Michela and Soleio Super Heroic as co- Tan). as Design Partner. Michael Gough designers in tech with Cuervo). founder/CEO. leaves Microsoft to a Katie Dill feature. join Uber as VP of Design. NOV Kat Holmes DEC Design tool DEC New Enterprise 2018 JAN Vanessa FEB Former GV FEB IBM Design led FEB Design tool joins the Automattic startup InVision Associates (NEA) 2018 Cho joins GV as Design Partner by Phil Gilbert startup Figma raises Board of Advisors. announces the $5M Design Partner Design Partner. Daniel Burka joins enables IBM Cloud to 25M Series B led by Design Forward Fund. Albert Lee with Google Ventures Resolve To Save Lives win two iF Design Kleiner Perkins Intuit names its first General Partner emerges as the clear as Design Director. Awards. Mamoon Hamid. Chief Product and Dayna Grayson leader in venture Design Officer, Diego publishes the 2017 capital and design as Rodriguez. Future of Design in a sustainable team. Start-ups survey results. Source: @tberno @jshoee @ezyjules @wertandcompany @johnmaeda 2018 Design In Tech Report | Technology × Business × Design 22 / 90 http://jmmbp001.local:5757/?ckcachecontrol=1520689902#16 22/90

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3/10/2018 2018 Design In Tech Report Think Beyond Silicon Valley: India and Design By 2050, India’s economy is projected to be the world’s second largest, behind only China. —WEF 01 02 03 04 English Speaking Mobile Culture China with (not vs) India JUGAAD 125 million English speakers, second India has the second largest installed China and India make a In Hindi, only to the United States. base of smartphones in the world complementary combination of Oral tradition where narrative is the behind China of ~300 million. machine power and human power: “overcoming harsh constraints by primary mode of culture propagation. Basic smartphone handsets are China - Products / India - Services. improvising an effective solution available at below $50 They're giant neighbors. using limited resources”. India is a pluralistic society, secular and incredibly diverse. Multi-ethnic Monthly data plan for under $2 Each has a population of over a (a.k.a. "the MVP") Art & Craft tradition with local idioms People in India spent ~150 billion billion (they collectively account for Thrift not waste. marking design sensibilities. * Strictly hours on Android devices in 2016 36.3% of the world's people). speaking, there is no such thing as a They anchor the "rise of the rest." Inclusion, not exclusion. unified "Indian" culture-it's identified 70% of Indians consider local Bottom-up participation, not top- by region / state. language (22 official local languages) Each touts its style of governance as down command and control. Differing in Cuisine, Language, digital content more reliable than opposed to that of the other: China, Performing arts, Apparel, Customs, content in English with its authoritarian efficiency; Flexible thinking and action, not Music, Literature, Architecture, … 9 out of 10 users coming online are India, with its democratic vibrancy. linear planning. not proficient in English, but adapt HBR (2010) / Ravi Radjou, Jaideep anyways. Many use the English Prabhu, and Simone Ahuja keyboard -- not bothering to switch to the script of their native language Source: @sunilmalhotra Indian Express Quartz Recode HBR 2018 Design In Tech Report | Technology × Business × Design 23 / 90 http://jmmbp001.local:5757/?ckcachecontrol=1520689902#16 23/90

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3/10/2018 2018 Design In Tech Report Think Beyond Silicon Valley: Latin America and Design Latin America has the fastest rate of smartphone adoption in the world. —Fast Company 01 02 03 04 Design Rush With the Wall or Without It Copy, Adapt and Improve Design for Trust Latin America (LATAM) has a long LATAM region, with 650 million Increased activity in the startup Corruption is everywhere. history with design that started out in people, is exploring opportunities to ecosystem in LATAM. There is a generalized lack of trust the 1950s. be less dependent on the US Many of the startups are adaptations between people, companies and 1950s - Mexico, Argentina and Brazil economy. of successful models elsewhere governments. led the movement in LATAM of The Trans Pacific Partnership has customized to LATAM environment, Startups are disrupting traditional formal design schools. been signed between 11 countries, and while often finding opportunities to industries by designing to inspire Today - Vibrant startup ecosystem. China is solidifying its ties with the improve beyond the original. trust and prevent fraud while Insitum, "IDEO of emerging markets" region via startups. Ex: Kubo Financiero is the Mexican providing a good user experience. has 5 offices in LATAM and 140+ Ex: China's Didi acquires 99, a LendingClub, and it's introduced a Ex: Nubank. - online credit card consultants. ridesharing company in Brazil 99. social responsibility component to company, and Enlight - Mexico's Future - A new generation of mobile investing - which resonates with users solar-energy startup. users could create an ideal in a nationalistic country like Mexico. environment for a new digital currency. Source: @luisarnal @insitum @fastcompany @bloomberg @kubofinanciero @nubankbrasil @enlightmx @techcrunch @bloomberg 2018 Design In Tech Report | Technology × Business × Design 24 / 90 http://jmmbp001.local:5757/?ckcachecontrol=1520689902#16 24/90

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3/10/2018 2018 Design In Tech Report Think Beyond Silicon Valley: China and Design 01 02 Car Experiences Retail Experiences New driving and transportation experiences via NIO Weima Xiaopeng FF Alibaba Hema and the Starbucks Roastery represent a new vertical integration CHECK OUT TWO NEW DESIGNER-FOUNDED STARTUPS between online and offline experiences. 1. ShanZhai City A social impact assessment big-data company. Related: Employee-less BingoBox convenience stores are unlocked with a mobile phone by scanning a QR code and with no cashier. 2. Youzan SaaS company to help anyone open an online shop on WeChat. Source: @ling_fan_tezign Ling Fan, CEO/Founder Tezign The Information" Alizila South China Morning Post 2018 Design In Tech Report | Technology × Business × Design 25 / 90 http://jmmbp001.local:5757/?ckcachecontrol=1520689902#16 25/90

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3/10/2018 2018 Design In Tech Report Think Again Beyond Silicon Valley: China and Design 03 04 Alibaba Luban: E-commerce Design Robot Design & AI report Alibaba Luban produced 400 million banners during the 2017 singles day, Visit the Design & AI Report produced by Ling Fan in collaboration with Tongji resulting in a 100% increase in conversion rate. University, Tezign, and Alibaba AI Design Lab 1 million banner / e-commerce designers in Alibaba's ecosystem (70% face the challenge from Luban). More automated marketing design tools are emerging like Arkie and Kuaizi. Source: Ling Fan, CEO/Founder Tezign / The Information UISDC Gale Partners 2018 Design In Tech Report | China and Design 26 / 90 http://jmmbp001.local:5757/?ckcachecontrol=1520689902#16 26/90

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3/10/2018 2018 Design In Tech Report You're not getting any younger. You're getting B(older). Restricting its estimate to those aged 60 and up, market research firm Euromonitor predicts that by 2020, worldwide older-adult spending will reach $15 trillion—and that's still well before global aging will fully hit its stride. By 2030, the Boston Consulting Group estimates that the 55-plus population will have been responsible for 50 percent of the US consumer spending growth since 2008, 67 percent of that of Japan, and 86 percent for that of Germany. It's no exaggeration to say that the world's most advanced economies will soon revolve around the needs, wants, and whims of grandparents. —Joseph Coughlin Source: The Longetivity Economy 2018 Design In Tech Report | Technology × Business × Design 27 / 90 http://jmmbp001.local:5757/?ckcachecontrol=1520689902#16 27/90

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3/10/2018 2018 Design In Tech Report Think Beyond GenZ + Millenials: Think Gen B(older) 01 02 03 A B(older) EU Median Age A B(older) US Too Startup CEOs Get B(older) The aging of the U.S. population, combined with the increasing rate of new entrepreneurs among individuals aged fifty-five to sixty- four, have shifted this group from making up 14.8 percent of new entrepreneurs in the 1997 Index to 25.8 percent of all new entrepreneurs in the 2015 Index. —Kauffman Foundation U.N. projects some European countries to start From 1960 to 2060, our pyramid will turn into a Younger entrepreneurs (ages twenty to thirty­four) made hitting a median age of 50 or higher. This includes rectangle. We'll have almost as many Americans up 24.7 percent of all new entrepreneurs in the 2015 index countries like Spain, Italy, Portugal, and Greece, and over age 85 as under age 5. then later Germany, Poland, Bosnia, and Croatia. —PEW —WEF Source: @aronstrandberg @kauffmanfdn Monocle: Aging in Cities 1514 - 2015 PEW Research: Immigrants 2018 Design In Tech Report | Technology × Business × Design 28 / 90 http://jmmbp001.local:5757/?ckcachecontrol=1520689902#16 28/90

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3/10/2018 2018 Design In Tech Report Scaling Design capabilities don't scale like Moore's Law Design is generally used early in the product development process instead of applied at the very Design end before it is shipped. Creating an inclusive culture for designers is how to start building better products. Listening to what they value is how to start. Unconscious bias is promoted by stereotypes that exclude others. Recognizing exclusion is a way to take immediate action. Design tools and systems are ch-ch-changing these days. Among many new capabilities, machine intelligence looks to change everything. We're in a golden age of data visualization and quant-qual science. The tools that are available today enable understanding -- for those who want it. User research skills and product management skills are vital for designers to understand to work more inclusively with customers and product colleagues. 2018 Design In Tech Report | Scaling Design 29 / 90 http://jmmbp001.local:5757/?ckcachecontrol=1520689902#16 29/90

3/10/2018 2018 Design In Tech Report Is a college degree necessary to succeed as a designer in tech? A college degree is Strongly Strongly 86% necessary to succeed as Disagree Agree Do you have a designer in tech. of current design Do you find students surveyed said that they 1 3 7 6 4 8 5 10 9 2 learned their digital 10% What indus skills from resources 8.75% Size of your outside their coursework. 7.5% —2016 6.25% 5% Google Data Studio 3.75% 2.5% 1.25% Source: #DesignInTech 2018 Open Survey | 1219 samples 2018 Design In Tech Report | Scaling Design 30 / 90 http://jmmbp001.local:5757/?ckcachecontrol=1520689902#16 30/90

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3/10/2018 2018 Design In Tech Report Is the culture of your company set up for design to succeed? Which kind of design-oriented company are you? How is your design function How do you manage the Where do your design teams Does design fit into your When do you undertake user organized? physical/digital divide? work? development process? research? A. We have a single central design department A. We have discrete physical and digital design A. Design works out of a central office A. We have a clear design phase A. Early qualitative research B. We have multiple design teams teams B. Our designers sit in all of our offices B. Design is involved in several stages of the B. Early qualitative and quantitative research C. Design is a distributed expertise, not a B. Our different design functions sit and C. We have cross-functional product/service development process C. Qualitative and quantitative research department operate together studios C. Design is involved throughout life cycle throughout C. We train our teams so they can integrate (cradle to grave) more effectively What do you do with research When do you prototype? Why do you prototype? Who leads design in your How do you make design findings? company? decisions? A. We have a prototyping phase A. To check production/launch feasibility only A. We report what the customers tell us B. We may have more than one prototyping B. To fail "fast" -- kill under-performing ideas A. A head of department, e.g. marketing A. Based on leader opinions B. We assess what the customers want phase C. To "refine fast" -- build on solutions and B. A chief design officer B. Using semi-subjective metrics C. We interpret what the customer actually C. We iterate end-to-end and prototype as address our failings C. A chief design officer who is a peer to other C. Objectively (using design metrics) needs needed board members How do you track design How do you incentivize good How brave is your organization performance? design? when it comes to making design Take the McKosmo decisions? A. We do not track design performance A. We have no incentives tied to customers or Quiz to find out your B. We review customer feedback post-launch design A. We suffer from bloated and incremental C. We track pre- and post-launch as rigorously B. Design shares company-level performance product portfolio as we measure quality, cost, and delivery bonuses B. We have become better at killing type! It's easy. C. We track and reward customer satisfaction, incremental products during project even at board level development C. We strive to create bold new products to meet unmet needs, and accept that not all will Source: @hugosarrazin More than a feeling: Ten design practices to deliver business value 2018 Design In Tech Report | Scaling Design 31 / 90 http://jmmbp001.local:5757/?ckcachecontrol=1520689902#16 31/90

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3/10/2018 2018 Design In Tech Report At what stage is design typically involved? Si 2.98 W overall average on a Is 1-to-10 point progression from a product's conception (1) to just before it ships (10). Last year it was 2.89. 64% are 3 and below, which means the Google Data Studio majority use design At what stage is design early. typically involved in the product development at By far the largest number of your company? samples are from the US, so the variance by country will be less reliable, but good to note. Source: #DesignInTech 2018 Open Survey | 1219 samples 2018 Design In Tech Report | Scaling Design 32 / 90 http://jmmbp001.local:5757/?ckcachecontrol=1520689902#16 32/90

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3/10/2018 2018 Design In Tech Report Whatever you do, don't F up the culture Why is culture so important to a business? Here is a simple way to frame it. The stronger the culture, the less corporate process a company needs. When the culture is strong, you can trust everyone to do the right thing. People can be independent and autonomous. They can be entrepreneurial. And if we have a company that is entrepreneurial in spirit, we will be able to take our next "(wo)man on the moon" leap. In organizations (or even in a society) where culture is weak, you need an abundance of heavy, precise rules and processes. —Brian Chesky Source: @bchesky 2018 Design In Tech Report | Scaling Design 33 / 90 http://jmmbp001.local:5757/?ckcachecontrol=1520689902#16 33/90

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3/10/2018 2018 Design In Tech Report Creating an inclusive culture for designers is where to start Do any of Designers Designers these make it pretty. can't lead designer teams. stereotypes Designers Designers only sound don't care how it understand looks. familiar? business. Source: #DesignInTech 2018 Open Survey | 1219 samples 34 / 90 http://jmmbp001.local:5757/?ckcachecontrol=1520689902#16 34/90

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3/10/2018 2018 Design In Tech Report Unconscious bias is promoted by stereotypes that exclude others What false stereotype would you like to break when it comes to how designers are perceived? = ... 3 more as ... 2 more doesn't ... 2 more hoitlowoks ... 2 more a ... 4 more making ... 2 more ... 3 more ... 2 more about an ... 2 more important ... 2 more about just ... 5 more more ... 2 more about ... 4 more just ... 3 more is not ... 10 more vi. sual only ... 2 more Design the ... 2 more Stereotype/ ... 17 more isn't ... 3 more means ... 2 more Source: #DesignInTech 2018 Open Survey | 1219 samples Darya Zabelina et al on creative mindsets ... 20 more 2018 Design In Tech Report | Scaling Design 35 / 90 are ... 2 more i ... 2 more http://jmmbp001.local:5757/?ckcachecontrol=1520689902#16 35/90

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3/10/2018 2018 Design In Tech Report How do you create an inclusively managed culture for designers? Hey, Boss! Be clear about Advocate for the business the user. Can you problem. please ... Allow for Ask questions failure. to build empathy. Source: #DesignInTech 2018 Open Survey | 1219 samples 2018 Design In Tech Report | Scaling Design 36 / 90 http://jmmbp001.local:5757/?ckcachecontrol=1520689902#16 36/90

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3/10/2018 2018 Design In Tech Report Every boss of designers can stand to hear feedback every day What would you tell your boss if you could be "radically candid"? But how do you give it back? Katie Dill has good tips for Criticism and Recognition. ... 2 more a for ... 3 more strfordeoandmansdegl.ignkcyeisions Advocate for ... 3 more more ... 2 more us ... 3 more Allow ... 4 more morqueestions ... 3 more questions ... 2 more ... 2 more Ask better ... 2 more design ... 2 more strafordvonocatger e ... 2 more a ... 3 more an ... 2 more ceonnofiudeghnt ... 2 more honest ... 2 more present ... 3 more transparent ... 2 more Hey-Boss more ... 19 more Be myadvocate ... 2 more minded ... 2 more to ... 5 more ... 3 more open proactive ... 2 more supportive ... 2 more Source: @kimballscott @lil_dill #DesignInTech 2018 Open Survey | 1219 samples 2018 Design In Tech Report | Scaling Design 37 / 90 http://jmmbp001.local:5757/?ckcachecontrol=1520689902#16 37/90

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3/10/2018 2018 Design In Tech Report Tools that ground the visual language of the computer 1981 1984 1989 The Paintbox package came together complete with its own disc store and library management. At that time a big hard drive held 70 megabytes on 14-inch platters that occupied about 4RU, took loads of MacPaint was written by Bill Atkinson, who was a Adobe Photoshop 1.0 minimum system power and cost about £5000. member of the original Macintosh development requirements are hard disk and 2 megabytes RAM. —Quantel team. He based it on his earlier LisaSketch (also A gray-scale or color monitor is recommended, and called SketchPad) for the unsuccessful Apple Lisa a Macintosh compatible scanner is optional. computer, so he originally called it MacSketch. He —First Versions started work on the Mac version in early 1983. —The Computer History Museum Source: A. Michael Noll Using Photoshop 1.0 in 2015 Source Code for Photoshop @winworldpc 2018 Design In Tech Report | Scaling Design 38 / 90 http://jmmbp001.local:5757/?ckcachecontrol=1520689902#16 38/90

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3/10/2018 2018 Design In Tech Report Prototyping tools started in code and got more visual 1987 1990 2013 Apple Computer Inc. will introduce an unusual Emily Schwartzman road tests many database and management information program of the then available prototyping Tuesday that the company hopes will help it maintain its lead in technology for making tools and provides a useful study and computers easy to use. chart — which grows into a general The new software, known as Hypercard, will enable resource on Cooper. users of Apple's Macintosh computers to organize information on computerized file cards that can be linked to other file cards in intricate ways. The program will be included for no charge with each Macintosh sold, starting this month. —NYT VideoWorks (1985 predecessor to Director) required a "Macintosh with at least 128k" and "although VideoWorks will work satisfactorily with just the Macintosh's internal drive, a second (external) drive will help avoid a lot of disc swapping." —Lingo Workshop Source: @oddowl 2018 Design In Tech Report | Scaling Design 39 / 90 http://jmmbp001.local:5757/?ckcachecontrol=1520689902#16 39/90

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3/10/2018 2018 Design In Tech Report Design tools and systems are ch-ch-changing these days Integrated Responsive Project Flexible cloud built-in management annotation Version control Convert to Realtime Machine actual code collaboration intelligence Future design tools with further developments in AI will possibly ... 1. Construct models of our customers 6. Run experiments for us and reduce risks 2. Generate design directions on their own 7. Create many variations to test 3. Sort and prioritize competing constraints 8. Scan the entire experience for inconsistencies 4. Identify best potential ROI and more 9. Prevent re-invention of past solutions 5. Enable savings in time for designers 10. Have potential to remove apprentice-level jobs Source: Leah Buley: Thoughts on the Future of Design Tools + @johnmaeda's un-scientific observations 2018 Design In Tech Report | Scaling Design 40 / 90 http://jmmbp001.local:5757/?ckcachecontrol=1520689902#16 40/90

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3/10/2018 2018 Design In Tech Report Erondu's Playbook has the Qs&As for designers amidst scaling The top 15 questions designers are asking today 1. How do you elevate the perception of design at a 8. When working with remote teams, how do you company? effectively collaborate with each other? 2. How do you show the value of design to justify 9. How do you know when a design is 'done'/right? hiring more designers? 10. What are commonly used design KPIs? 3. How do you establish more transparency for design 11. What are things to do to avoid burnout? / within a company? 12. When interviewing, what are some questions to ask 4. How do you know when it's time to leave a about a company's culture and design team? company? 13. Is going to college worth it? (college) 5. As a team grows, how do you maintain the quality 14. How should I structure my design portfolio to best and consistency of its design work? communicate my skillsets? 6. What’s the best way to present work during a design 15. Should I start my career at an agency, startup, or big critique? company? 7. How can a team keep track of past work and learnings as a living repository? Source: @jerondu @askplaybook 2018 Design In Tech Report | Scaling Design 41 / 90 http://jmmbp001.local:5757/?ckcachecontrol=1520689902#16 41/90

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3/10/2018 2018 Design In Tech Report We're in a new age of data visualization × quant-qual science What's a Data Scientist? Talk data to me Have I given up on design? The core set of skills: Data visualization and journalism Programming Skills teams at The Guardian NYT WSJ have been at the forefront. Statistics Machine Learning Multivariable Calculus & Linear These tools show a new direction: Algebra Data Wrangling Observable by Mike Bostock Data Intuition Data Studio by Google Data Visualization & Colaboratory by Google Communication OSDSM And open source ones exist too: Nope. I'm just collecting all the parts I've been The Open Source Data Science D3.js by Mike Bostock learning/doing for my whole life before — I get Master's Degree is a cool set of Processing by Processing Team uploaded to the big cloud in the sky one day. To resources gathered by Clare Corthell. Zeppelin by Apache design amazing experiences for people, I've always chosen to think/work inclusively and broadly. DrawBot by DrawBot Team Source: @udacity @clarecorthell 2018 Design In Tech Report | Scaling Design 42 / 90 http://jmmbp001.local:5757/?ckcachecontrol=1520689902#16 42/90

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3/10/2018 2018 Design In Tech Report Learn user researcher skills and principles to grow The top 10 most valuable design skills for the future 1. Adaptability to tech and social change Surprisingly very few 2. Empathy companies conduct qualitative 3. Communication skills 4. Asking good questions user research. 5. Cross-functional skills 6. Storytelling Early-stage start-ups surveyed by Albert Lee/Dayna 7. Cross-cultural skills Grayson that use qualitative research: 12%, Mid-stage: 8. Observation and listening 32%, Late-stage: 46% 9. Psychology and human behavior —NEA Future of Design in Start-ups 2017 10. Managing complexity Note that many of these skills are exercised with expertise by User Researchers. To learn more about User Research see Erika Hall's work Source: @aiga Design Census 2017 @neavc @tweetalbert @daynagrayson 2018 Design In Tech Report | Scaling Design 43 / 90 http://jmmbp001.local:5757/?ckcachecontrol=1520689902#16 43/90

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3/10/2018 2018 Design In Tech Report Learn product management skills and principles to grow The top 8 skills that designers The top 10 skills needed near- The top 10 skills needed further need to understand in business term for designers in start-ups out for designers in start-ups 1. Product Roadmap Strategy 1. Business 1. Writing 2. Company Strategy 2. Communication 2. AI / ML 3. Retention/ Engagement Metrics 3. People Skills / Emotional 3. Data Science 4. Conversion Metrics Intelligence 4. Empathy for End User 5. Funnel Acquisition Metrics 4. Writing - Copywriting 5. Storytelling 6. Revenue Model 5. AR Design 6. Sound Design 7. Financial Metrics (i.e. Revenue, 6. Data Science 7. Scenario Design / Service Margin etc.) 7. Empathy for End User Design 8. Resource Allocation 8. Facilitation Skills 8. Ethics / Bias 9. Management Skills 9. Psychology 10. Service Design 10. Systems Design Highlight corresponds to product manager and design leader/manager skills. Highlight is a classical design competency that is needed today. Source: @neavc @tweetalbert @daynagrayson Future of Design in Start-ups 2017 2018 Design In Tech Report | Scaling Design 44 / 90 http://jmmbp001.local:5757/?ckcachecontrol=1520689902#16 44/90

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3/10/2018 2018 Design In Tech Report The best way to scale design? Listen to what Bill used to say. If there's a simple, easy Bill Moggridge, co­founder of IDEO design principle that and director of the Smithsonian’s Cooper­Hewitt National Design binds everything Museum, died September 8th, 2012, together, it's probably following a battle with cancer. An outspoken advocate for the value of about starting with the design in everyday life, Bill pioneered interaction design and people. integrated human factors into the design of computer software and —Bill Moggridge IDEO hardware. 1943-2012 Source: @ideo @cooperhewitt 2018 Design In Tech Report | Scaling Design 45 / 90 http://jmmbp001.local:5757/?ckcachecontrol=1520689902#16 45/90

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3/10/2018 2018 Design In Tech Report Scaling Design Case Study: Automattic.Design 01 02 03 04 05 Design Design Design Design Design Culture Talent Leaders Systems Ops You need a CEO who cares about You need a strong designer hiring You need a primary design lead You need a few computational You want to product- and project- design, and recognizes that good leader. They will be, "Someone who cares about leadership and designers who work inclusively. manage design as a service inside design is good business. It's who you wish was designing enjoys fostering new leaders. Plus listen to Nathan Curtis. the org. And we've recently hired because the customer wants it. instead and loves talent, too." Resources Our design system offers [kit for Design Ops. Resources Resources Redesigning Leadership scope] released as [kit outputs] Resources Stanford GSB Case Study Brie Anne Demkiw's tips and documented at [kit doc site] What is Design Ops? InVision Design Leadership produced by [people] in order to Design in Tech Reports Automattic.Design blog serve [products] products and Design Ops Lenses Within Leadership Retreat experiences. † †† IBM Design Jared Spool's Master Class Designer Fund Resources Holly Burroughs Cole Awesome Design Systems Adele | Some Needed Levity Source: Karl Gerstner Designing Programmes @mialoira @nathanacurtis @marcintreder @alexjpate @daveixd @_dte @figma @hollyface1975 2018 Design In Tech Report | Scaling Design 46 / 90 http://jmmbp001.local:5757/?ckcachecontrol=1520689902#16 46/90

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